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The Moving
Railway Museum

Oigawa Railway has continued to operate as a company with a hundred-year history, running precious trains such as steam locomotives and the Thomas the Tank Engine series, as well as Japan’s only Abt system train. In addition to railway transport, we are involved in a wide range of businesses including chartered buses, taxis, shared buses, hotels, restaurants, and commercial complexes.

At the foot of Mt. Fuji
lies the International
Exchange Center

On June 1, 2021, the Oigawa Railway Group established the Inbound Promotion Department (also known as Daitetsu Bunka Travel Center), welcoming Mr. Ming Sunjiang, the former president of the Sino-Japanese Exchange Center, as its head. Since then, we have been engaged in various cultural, economic, and tourism-related services including industry inspections, educational trips, training camps, and business matching. Our scope of operations extends beyond Shizuoka to major cities like Tokyo and Osaka, where we have unique resources. We respond to diverse needs and provide convenient one-stop services.

As policies of various countries began to relax at the beginning of 2023, Japan and other countries gradually started to restore the “communication” as before. The number of exchange groups, inspection groups, and tourist groups from overseas has been increasing. Our center is responding to the situation where international exchanges are becoming more active, currently focusing on the following two areas of business.

Tourism Business

Shizuoka Prefecture, located between Tokyo and Nagoya, is a popular tourist destination away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Oigawa River area in central Shizuoka Prefecture is a wonderful place where you can experience the beauty of pristine nature, and enjoy beautiful encounters with forests, lakes, hot springs, and starry skies aboard various Oigawa Railway trains.

The Inbound Promotion Department combines Oigawa Railway’s own services with surrounding tourist content to offer unique tourism products such as day trips and overnight tours exclusive to Oigawa.

We also provide business support to local governments, companies, and individuals who are also challenging inbound tourism, leveraging our unique inbound know-how and experienced foreign talent.

The Only
Thomas the Tank Engine
in Asia
– Thomas –

The Only
Toby the Tram Engine
in Asia
– Toby –

Japan’s Only
Abt System Train
– Autumn Abt System Train –

Japan’s Only
Abt System Train
– Starry Sky Train –

"Japan Tourism Awards" Winner

Mt. Fuji Sightseeing Flight Tour

Enjoy Mt. Fuji up close from a height of 5,000m on a special charter.


“The Most Beautiful in Japan” Okuoikojo Station

Japan’s most beautiful remote station on a lake.

Exchange Business

Shizuoka Prefecture is not only a leader in tourism but also in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, manufacturing, medical, care, sports, and more. Known as Japan’s “tea capital,” “manufacturing hub,” “healthy longevity prefecture,” and “soccer kingdom,” Shizuoka is the base for promoting cultural and economic exchanges between Japan and other countries.

The Inbound Promotion Department, leveraging attractive Shizuoka, conducts various inspection, exchange, and business matching businesses nationwide.

Industry Inspections

Includes visits to company facilities and production lines, exchanges with companies, and lectures by company executives and experts in agriculture, food, manufacturing, medical care, caregiving, sports, construction, retail, and many other fields.

Educational Trips

Includes visits and exchange programs for educational institutions and facilities for all age groups from kindergarten to university, as well as training and cultural and artistic exchanges for students and teachers.

Training Camps

Includes visits and exchanges with sports institutions and organizations, associations, clubs, tours of related facilities, and training.

China-Japan Business Matching

In response to demand, we collaborate with governments and companies to understand the latest trends in related industries and support business matching for related projects.

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